Meal planning is something we do week by week. If you have a busy job and little time on your hands, you’ll sit down during the weekend to work out what you’ll eat over the week ahead. For the Christmas time, you’re going to be spending a lot of money on the dinner you’re planning to serve, and you’ll cover the spread in garnish like you’ve never garnished before! 

But then comes the hotter parts of the year, when you want to eat outside with music and drinks, and invite your friends over to have fun with you. 

The summertime is prime BBQing period, and an impromptu grill here and there are key to making those summer memories everyone talks about. So, to make sure you and your friends are putting on a good spread every time you fire the charcoal up, here’s a couple of interesting ways to spice up the food you’re serving. 

Pick Your Destination Right

BBQs can take place in various locations, can’t they? You can hold one in your backyard, you can hold one in the middle of your street (as long as you neighbours want to come along too!), and you can take a portable grill down to the beach and watch the waves as you eat. 

So, to make sure you’ve got enough variance in the BBQs you hold, pick your backdrops carefully. Make sure you’re not hitting the beach twice in a row, and that you’re going back and forth between you and your friends’ houses. Even just taking along different plates and cups and cutlery can make a change - those glass mugs with the fancy lids and straws to sip from definitely put you in the summery mood! 

Offer Options

BBQs can be a great way to make new friends, as well as entertain your older ones, and thus it might be a good idea to offer various eating options. Throwing a BBQ for the entire neighbourhood is going to require a lot of planning in the first place, but who knows what neighbour is vegetarian, and what neighbour can’t eat halloumi? 

So be sure to look into the foods you can serve, without cross-contaminating, that provide an option for everyone. You might want to order halal meat online, or you might want to take two BBQs out with you, one for those who like veggie foods and one for the meat-eaters. Being accommodating is the best way to make sure your loved ones are enjoying themselves, and it helps to prove just how great of a friend you are too! 

How do you and BBQs get along? Maybe you love the effect being chargrilled does to chicken, or maybe you love skewing bits of meat and vegetables together and chomping on a kebab? Either way, a BBQ is a great way to get people together and to get them to enjoy their time together. Food makes us happy, especially when it’s tasty and in our bellies!


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