When you are heading out for the night with your girls, sometimes you are going to want to go all out. Putting on your favourite pair of heels and wearing a sparkly number can be an amazing way of glamming up and feeling amazing when you hit the clubs.

If you aren’t used to wearing dresses and tops with a lot of sparkles, however, there can be some things you are doing or overdoing that detract from its elegance. Looking and feeling your best no matter what you wear is crucial but when you have a sparkly outfit on, the rules can change a little.

This post will guide you through some of the most important things to consider when you wear your next glittery number for maximum impact. Still searching for a homecoming dress and thinking of something that shimmers? You can discover gold homecoming dresses for the 2019 season at Peaches Boutique.

Tips For Sparkly Outfits:

· Don’t overdo it - when going all out on the sparkles with your outfit, you don’t want to incorporate too much glitter. Have one or two maximum items in your overall look that feature glitter accents to avoid it being too much.

· Glitter it up on your best areas - glitter immediately draws in the eye. You want to ensure you use it mainly for areas of your body that you want to accentuate.

· Go for higher necklines - deep necklines can look a bit too intense. Instead, a higher cut can keep it classy and simple. This is important as you can risk looking tacky if the cut is too revealing.

· Choose accessories wisely - Go for dazzling accessories if you aren’t wearing glitter clothes. Accessories such as shoes and a stunning pair of sparkly earrings can really lift up an outfit if you are wearing a plain or solid colour dress. If you are wearing something glittery, however, you want to consider keeping the accessories toned down.

· Don a glittery jacket - If you are wearing something plain for your outfit you can always dress it up with a trendy sparkly blazer. This edgy look immediately glams up your outfit so if you wanted to sparkle but have versatility in your look, it’s perfect.

· Think about a sparkly waistline - if you want to accentuate your waist, it can be a great idea to add the sparkle in this area. The belt area will help emphasize your curves and can give you that extra bit of confidence to pull off the dress.

As you can see, it’s possible to sparkle and shine when done the right way. Follow these tips to effortlessly pull off the glam look you’ve been aiming for.




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