Photography has skyrocketed as an interest and hobby just in the last decade alone. Social media has a lot to do with this as more and more people are wanting to show their lives to the world. From the humble amateur photography people do with their smartphone cameras, to those that want to take it to the next level and have bought professional equipment, there’s so much opportunity. If you are someone who wants to take this craft seriously for another reason, by all means, do so. However, you need to have the right set up to get the most out of your passion. For example, if you are someone who is into fashion and want to share your outfits and style with the rest of the world via your own personal blog? Then you’ll need somewhere where you take the best photographs in your home. You can’t always hire out a professional and you can’t always rely on your friends to come over and shoot for you. So ask yourself one question, do you have the room for creativity and photography in your home?

A room with great neutral colors is a great place to begin. Generally speaking, you won’t find this to be in the kitchen but a contemporary living room meets this requirement. However, the room itself is important because it needs to be solely focussed on photography and a living room with television, tables, sofas etc, is not going to work. Preferably you will find a room that is somewhat smaller than a typical bedroom and convert it into your hovel. You can elect to just paint the walls in a neutral color such as ghost, pearl or sheer white. These shades will help to fully make use of the lighting as they will reflect the brightness quite well. Neutral walls are a good start, but then you need to have some others things that would enhance the quality of your images.

For a long time there has been a battle in the photography world as to whether natural or manmade light is better. Just for safekeeping, make sure that you have some kind of natural light coming into the room such as a window or patio door even. Natural light can also give you a different artistic flare and finished photo as opposed to concentrated LED photography lights. Usually, the sunlight is a sunkissed yellow, beige or snow white shade. Photography lights do brighten up many different areas dependent on their placing but you’ll need to buy filters to change the shade.

Once you have the basics down, now it's time to be creative and inject some fun items into your photography room. Maybe you don’t want to use a simple backdrop, because for some outfits and fashion pieces the background can actually uplift the detail of what you’re wearing. Maybe you could do with some Photo Booth Backdrops For Sale that are polka dot, perhaps various patterns and colors is more to your liking or even something abstract. Being able to change the backdrop for your photos will also keep your blog posts from looking stale and recycled. The lighting may also change to look better or give you a different tone to the theme.


The room should be ready and set up for your photography sessions. Therefore you should have a drawer with all the things you need such as makeup, mirrors, brushes, accessories like earrings and necklaces as well as lipsticks. Right next to the drawer you can have a clothing rail line on wheels which you can move around the room. Hang your outfits that you have planned to wear and photograph for the day or week on the rail for easy access. The room itself should eventually evolve into a place where your creativity and love of photography can come alive and not be disturbed by the rest of the house. You might also want to set up a little writing space so you can write your blog posts straight from the heart of your home where you have worn many pieces. Plan your room setup right and you won’t need to venture out for anything you need to make a great post about your fashion interests.

If you want to take your passion for photography and fashion to the next level then dedicate an entire room in your home to this endeavor. The room should have bright neutral walls as well as a natural light source. A range of different backdrops will inject a little creativity into the themes and styles of your outfits so choose a bunch of different designs to achieve this.


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