From time to time, updating your style can help you feel confident and wonderful in your skin. You deserve to feel just that and nothing less, so it’s great there are many chances to help you get there. But sometimes, even the most creative of us can lose inspiration with our fashion and even the largest ideas might not seem so bold and exciting. If you feel like this, it can be a good indication that you have explored much of that which your current fashion and styling has to offer. Moving onto something new, or finding something you feel confident in, could be a little easier than you think.

It can be extremely wonderful to consider the subtle fashion accessories that can still make all the difference. Sometimes there’s no reason to go overboard, instead, a nice little change or novel adornment can help us feel truly wonderful from head to toe. But you’ll only know if you try, and find out that less can indeed be much, much more. With the following advice, you’ll find out how:

Some enjoy wearing body jewelry, some do not. But for those that do, there are endless creative combinations they can enjoy. Of course, we tend to think that over-piercing can be somewhat too much, but then again we come across people who do it tastefully and may become inspired by it. However, if you’re just dipping your toes into a piercing that can help express yourself and is a little beyond the standard ear lobes tradition, there are a range of others you could choose. A simple nose stud can look clean and pretty. A tragus piercing can be beautiful and hidden. A helix piercing can also decorate the ear in a tasteful manner.

You can get more adventurous if you want of course, but if you’ve yet to really experiment, this can be a nice first step. From there you will naturally understand how you might wish to adorn your body and then look to the future. A simple piercing can often help bring an outfit together or help you feel more confident in your self-expression. As far as we’re concerned, that’s a net positive.

It might not even be that you have to change your wardrobe in order to feel the most comfortable in your clothing. Sometimes, simple heading to a tailor or a seamstress and having your clothing adjusted to your body shape can help you keep your loved items relevant. Replacing buttons, stitching or forming trouser legs to your loss or gain of weight can help you keep your style but look better in it than ever.

Sometimes, your body shape will naturally change with age. Other times, you might change it yourself. For example, you might have noticed that lifting weights at the gym is starting to make your bottom a little larger and more muscular, and this is making the thigh material of your trousers or shorts much tighter. A little adjustment can help. But first, spending an afternoon trying on all of your clothes can help you figure out what needs to change, which items you wish to preserve and which ones you might not feel guilty about throwing out. Who knows just how much money you could save this way?

Sometimes, it’s not the outfit that matters, but what ties it together. Accessories can be the main showpiece to an outfit that is well coordinated and looks relatively well chosen. For example, purchasing a nice bag can go this way. A shoulder or clutch bag made from high-quality materials and a simple design screams functional elegance and is perhaps the one item you can wear to many occasions without seeming like you’re overdoing it. For casual events it can be a beautiful thing to notice, for smart casual it will seem fitting and for formal affairs, you will likely look smartly presented.

Of course, the upfront investment might be a little higher than you’re used to, but it could also be that this small implement speaks more than even the largest and most coordinated fashion accessories. Who knows just how beautiful you could look from head to toe if you give this form of confident accessorizing a go?

Your hair is part of your fashion and your style. Does this mean it needs to be perfect every time you decide to go out, even to buy groceries? Of course not. But if you allow your hair to help express yourself and style it differently by trying new things, you might notice something quite amazing. For example, some women might try and wear wigs in order to experiment with new looks and feel confident in a full, luscious hair growth that they might otherwise struggle with. Trying this can be a beautiful idea because it can help you truly embody the look you’re going for. It could also be that simply cutting your hair short could help you try a new style you haven’t for some time, or growing it long could do the inverse but help you see just how beautiful you can be.

Your attitude is an absolute fashion accessory. The way you walk, the posture you hold, the smile you wear, all of it contributes to how good you feel, and more importantly, look. But of course, you shouldn’t analyze every single frame of your posture or look through your group photos to identify just how well you were smiling. This can have the opposite effect. Simply wearing items because you love them and not forcing yourself into any style is perhaps the final word we can say here, because this will imbue even a $10 outfit with enough grace and charm to make you a head-turner in more ways than one. This sounds like an empty platitude, but in this case, you can be assured that it’s absolutely true from top to bottom.

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