As you know from my Instagram stories, I'm all about thrifting. It's hard to pass up a good deal. Especially when you have kids. Because kids go through clothes rather quickly, it's hard not to spend all the money.

I found Gap Kids clothes a few years ago, and for all you mums and older siblings out there, you’ll want to see this. They’re almost always on sale at affordable prices. You don’t have to trudge through the thrift store or sift through racks to find exactly what you need. Quite a number of my siblings' favourite clothes were found here!

What’s even better is the free shipping, fast delivery, and easy returns. As far as finding a balance between the price you want and the durability your kids need, you can’t beat it.

They have got everything you could ever need for this season and next. From jeans and hoodies to shorts and tees, you’ll get a discounted price, which makes them cheaper than almost any other brand. Plus, your kids will have the latest fashions, which we all know is a big deal.

Graphic tees light up your kid’s personality while neutral shades and solid colors are easy to mix and match, making it easy for everyone to dress themselves in the morning. Take a break and drink your coffee. With a closet full of Gap Kids, you no longer have to worry about coordinating outfits.

Your pocketbook can also breathe a sigh of relief, too, because these clothes are always in style and they last. Say goodbye to torn pants and ripped seams. Say hello to hand me downs that save you even more money. Sorry, second kid.

Give yourself the gift of time and saving on new clothing as well as giving your kids what they want. Cool, comfortable clothes for the summer and beyond with Gap Kids. Send them back to school after the holiday with self-confidence.

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