When it comes to fashion, we don’t tend to talk about lingerie in as casual a manner as we do other items of clothing. When we do talk about lingerie, we tend to talk about haute couture pieces we’ve seen on a catwalk or in a music video. This is bizarre. After all, it is something that the majority of us wear on a day to day basis. Just because it’s under our outer layer of clothes doesn’t mean that it’s any less significant than the blouse we put on for work, the jeans we pull out of our closet on the weekends or the coats we cuddle up in over the winter months. Lingerie serves a functional purpose and we should be just as familiar with the different styles of it that are available to us as we are with this season’s latest shoes or belts. So, to help the movement towards making lingerie a more talked about part of our wardrobes, here are a few key styles that you should familiarise yourself with!


A few years ago, it would have been extremely difficult to find a pretty bralette that wasn’t designed for girls just starting puberty. However, this style is now widely available in a whole range of stores and by a host of brands, including Bluebella from Lingerie Outlet Store. A bralette is a style of bra that covers the breasts but doesn’t necessarily support them. It is a thin layer of material attached to elastic that sits beneath the breasts. This style tends to be favoured by individuals with small breasts, who do not require much support but enjoy the coverage and pretty designs that a bralette can provide them with.

Sports Bras

If you engage with a lot of physical exercises, your breasts are going to need a whole lot of support. This is where sports bras can come into play. A sports bra holds your breasts in place, minimising their movement during physical activity, and consequently helping you to avoid feelings of soreness or strain.

Push-up Bras

For those of us who want to create cleavage, there is the option of a push-up bra. These bras tend to have some sort of padding or filling in the bottom of the bra’s cup. Your breasts rest on top of these, causing them to have a fuller or larger appearance.


Corsets are an all-out piece when it comes to lingerie. They have been widely used since the Victorian era, however, luckily, nowadays, much more comfortable designs have been created that aren’t quite so restrictive when it comes to such basic functions as being able to breathe properly. They are generally composed of a bra that offers support, but also has a bodice attached. They can be used to make the waist appear smaller, or simply hug the body.

These are just a few different types of lingerie that are available on the wider market. There are, of course, plenty more out there. But hopefully, the above information has helped to get you started on the right foot when it comes to finding the best lingerie to suit your personal needs and preferences!

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