An engagement ring will be a huge purchase and possibly one of the most expensive items you will spend on an object so small in your life. However, the sentiment and meaning behind this one tiny object speaks a thousand words. This is why considering the best ring for your budget will help you make the right choices when buying something.

It’s not all about the brand names when it comes down to engagement rings. Instead, it’s important to think ahead and get planning to fully understand the process. This way you can make the other individual receiving the ring and your bank account very happy.

Most couples want diamonds for engagement rings. Whilst this is completely natural and expected, there are plenty other options out there which fit within the budget whilst giving the ring of their dreams. Following these steps will help you buy the best value engaging ring money can buy.

Ø  If you have your heart set on a diamond, buy based on weight.

When you buy a diamond, the carat weight will be a huge factor in the overall cost of the ring. When you buy a stone just below its critical weight, you are cleverly going below the higher pricing threshold whilst still getting a beautiful cut. What’s more, your partner won’t even realize or care for that matter. They still get a stunning diamond ring and you spend much less.

So instead of buying a whole 1-carat diamond, ask the jeweller for something just under around .95 carat for example.

Ø  Think about shopping online.

We know diamonds and gemstones are the kind of thing you want to see upfront and in person but internet suppliers do put on a good deal. Unlike their high-street competitors, online stores put the prices of their rings down normally and price more competitively. Even if you plan to go to a store that has a shop online too, always check for deals on their website first. It could save you a lot of money!

Ø  Go for off-peak.

Plan your purchase in the time where less people are looking for rings. According to, 39% of people plan their engagements between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. Of course, this seems like the perfect time to buy a ring and propose.

However, it’s worth planning ahead and shopping in summer for example. This is because summers are slower for sales for a lot of jewellers so they will be more flexible on the price. Around Christmas is also good to keep an eye open as prices can rise and drop just as fast.

Ø  Think about alternative styles and stones.

Going for a different cut that’s less of the norm or a different stone altogether may be a more affordable option. If you know what your loved one likes, they may prefer other stones to diamonds and be more non-conventional. For example, the green jadeite usually worn in Asian cultures is rarer than diamonds and costs less!

Ø  Get planning early!

We will wrap things up with a quick go-to list so you can start planning early and have money-saving tips in mind before you buy anything:

Ø  Have a budget in mind
Ø  Save as much money as you can before the purchase
Ø  Get to know what your partner likes in terms of style.
Ø  Check in your partner’s jewellery box to look for their most-loved items.
Ø  Keep in mind their job and day-to-day routines to get a ring that’s practical.

Keeping these things in mind will help you save money and get a ring that your partner will be over the moon to wear!
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