There’s nothing better than gearing up to escape the winter cold by heading to a hotter climate. The beach, the sunshine, the temporary return of summer: there’s a lot to look forward to! Before you get to enjoy all that good stuff, however, you’ll need to make sure that you’re able to fully look the part when you’re strutting your stuff in a new destination. Below, we'll take a look at the items you’ll want to have in your luggage if you’re going to make the most of your trip - and look great doing it!

Little Black Dress
Right, I know that a little black dress isn’t the first thing that normally comes to mind when you’re packing for an overseas adventure, but hear me out. This is an overseas adventure, and as such, you can expect to do a lot of adventuring! When you’re casting off the bowlines of the everyday, you can never be too sure where you’re going to end up. You don’t want to snag an invite to a swanky new cocktail bar, only to discover that you’ve nothing to wear. Get that little black dress in the bag!

Daytime Casual Wear
Of course, most of the time you’ll be wanting to do what we all do best on holiday: relax! Whether it’s relaxing by the pool or going for a sunset walk along the beach, you need to ensure you have all the right clothes with you. Make sure you have a few long sleeve tops and pairs of shorts, as they will be your go-to outfit when you’re having fun in the sun. It’s also worth packing a maxi or linen dress in there, for those moments when you find yourself at a beachfront bar. That’s a photo worthy moment!

Evening Chill
Fun nights out, days at the pool...all good things, and then what about those chilled evenings? That’s the best part of being on holiday if you ask us. Be aware, though, that just because it’s going to be hot during the day, doesn’t mean the same can be said of the evening. Make sure you’re taking a few thicker layers, such as jeans and a few light sweaters, just in case the air turns cool once the sun has set. You don’t want to have to cut your relaxed evening short just because you forget to pack some warmer clothes!

Mixing up the Shoes
Shoes are one of the more difficult aspects of packing. They take up a lot of space, and you don’t know what you’ll use! It’s tempting to leave them all at home or take them all with you. In reality, you only really need three different types. You’ll want to have flip-flops or other beach footwear, some nice shoes for the evenings, and a comfortable option so that you’re able to explore all that your destination has to offer without your feet getting tired.

Bags, Bags, Bags
The bags you’re going to take will do more than just hold all your beach supplies: they’re going to be an important fashion accessory! The question is, how many do you take? Having a handbag is important, as is a trendy beach bag that’ll turn heads when you’re on the sand. And then don’t forget the clutch bag: it’s small, so won’t take up too much space, and will be useful when you’re bar hopping in the evening with just a few essential supplies.

Makeup Essentials
Like the shoes, it’s not always possible to take our entire makeup bag when we have to check in luggage. As such, it’s important that you focus on the essentials. Of course, only you will know what you really consider to be essential in your makeup bag! But it’s worth noting that you might be getting a lot more sun than you’ve had in recent months, so something that will keep your skin full of moisture should be present. Lipstick, foundation, eyeliner...the rest is up to you!

Summertime Accessories
It might be winter where you’re jetting off from, but it’s full-on summer mode where you’re going, and that means: beach accessories! Make sure you’re packing a trendy hat, a pair of sunglasses like mine, and some summertime jewellery before you go. When you hit the beach, you’ll be fully prepared: no one will know you’ve just stepped out of winter!

There’s much to love about a winter escape to the sun, including the opportunity to look your best in the sunshine! Pack well, dress smart, and have fun!



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