As you may all well know by now, I occasionally take my outfit photos advanced selfies for the blog myself. The photo above is a great example and you can view the blog post it's from here.

Taking the perfect selfie is definitely an artform of the modern age. It’s a great way to show off your fashion choices but it can also be an interesting way to make a political statement or explore new ideas.

Capturing the perfect image is certainly a talent but there are a few things that an amateur can try to help you compose the best picture. All it takes is a little bit of practise… and possibly a photography course for beginners.

Pick Your Camera

The right camera can make all the difference to a selfie and while your phone is probably the first to hand, if you are setting up a shoot for yourself, a DSLR camera on a tripod will be much better. For one thing, you can prepare to make sure that the background of your picture is perfect for the composition of your picture. So for example, if you are standing in front of a landscape, you can make sure that you avoid any unsightly areas, either by repointing the camera or by blocking the area when you stand in front of it.

A DSLR camera on a tripod is also idea for getting a still shot, just set a timer with enough time to get yourself in position. Try setting the camera to take a flurry of pictures so that you can take a few more natural photos, just as they do in photography studios.

Choose Your Background

You might be the feature of your self portrait, but the background is still important. You should also consider where the light is and how it will affect your photo. Take a few initial shots of your background to check the balance of the light and colour.

If you are planning to model a particular outfit, think about what sort of picture you would like to create and how best to show off the clothes. A flat white surface will give you a neat background for showing off bright colours but the best selfies and fashion shoots have much more interesting backgrounds. Try finding a textured brick wall or go outside for some greener inspiration.

Know Your Angles

‘Get my good side’ might be a cliche but it’s true that everyone has good and bad angles. No one looks good looking down into a camera with their chin tucked in! Finding your best angles will take a fair bit of practise and a lot of looking in the mirror. Try setting your camera to take a flurry of photos and then move naturally. Have a look at the photos and then practise recreating the best positions. It’s all a case of muscle memory.

A natural smile is always going to show you off best but you could also try some more exciting positions too. The more experimental your shots the more interesting they will be. Try balancing yourself in odd positions or adjusting the focus of the camera to create unique shots.

Once you feel comfortable in front of the camera it will really show and your selfies will look all the more beautiful for it. But the main thing? Have fun!

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