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Remember this dress from my previous wishlist post? Well, it was all I could think of for over a month. Back then it was full price but I couldn't bring myself to spend £65 on it and before I even had a chance to change my mind, it sold out in my size. I wanted to cry. Especially after seeing Monica of Awed by Monica wearing the same dress I'd wanted for ages!

Now, one good thing about being in Nigeria is the abundance of tailors but if you've lived here long enough, you'd know by now that a good tailor is hard to find. It's either they waste time, mess up your design or run away with your fabric. I'm unfortunate enough to have dealt with the first two and I pray that I never come across the last because I will hunt him/her down.

Anyway, I met Hannah via Kachi and I think she did an amazing job creating my very own dupe! She didn't waste time either. I picked up the fabric from a roadside hawker fo2,000 and she did the rest for 7,000. Personally, I prefer this fabric to the one on the ASOS site, I'm lowkey getting tired of blue and white stripes. What do you think? In total, I ended up spending less than £20. You can find Hannah on Instagram here.

I miss taking photos of myself. These photos are the only ones I've taken without help in almost a year. My biggest fear is that someone's gonna rob me if I set up on the roadside. These photos were taken by the pool area at Nicon Luxury Hotel, Abuja. Shout out to Efe for having her birthday get together here. You're welcome. One thing I've noticed is that quite a few Nigerian bloggers are hella stingy with locations. You guys, sharing is caring! Behave.

For the foodies in Abuja, "Eat. Drink. Connect. Nigeria" are having an event at Nicon Luxury Hotel on the 7th of October. Learn more here.
For the ladies in Abuja, "Sisters & Mimosas" are having a self-love event on the 30th of September. Learn more here.

Well, what do you know? I typed a lot. My fingers hurt now. Follow me on Instagram, you know you want to. See you soon!

(via Izihann) Custom-made Dress || (via Abuja Arts & Crafts Centre) Handmade Raffia Basket || Shop Indiana Co. Sunglasses || ASOS Shoes 


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