BMT Africa Garden is a difficult place to find if like me, you don't know your way around Abuja. The entrance can be found at the end of the road beside the Switzerland embassy in Wuse 2. I met up with a friend there for a shoot and I honestly did not expect to come across a zoo. It was a nice surprise. Apart from a trip to Llanelli Wetlands Centre in my first year of uni and an aquarium in Dubai almost a lifetime ago, I've never been to a "proper zoo" before. I didn't get photos of all the animals but above are the few that I captured.

While getting to see them was great, I must point out that the state these animals are kept in is quite appalling. I would have preferred to see them in their natural habitats, not in cages. I guess I'll have to add going on a safari to my ever-lengthening bucket list.

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