So, you’ve finally found the girl of your dreams. Congratulations! The hard part is over; the second hard part is about to begin. You may be already thinking about getting down on your knees and popping the magic question “Will you marry me?” But do you know how to shop for the perfect engagement ring?

Believe it or not, quite a few commitments had been called off because the “ice” that boyfriend chose was plain atrocious. You don’t need to let that happen to you because we’ll guide you in selecting the perfect ring for your dream girl.

Here are steps that will help you in choosing the perfect engagement ring:

1. Take a look at your budget.

There’s a saying that goes like "a man should spend at least 2 to 3 months’ worth of salary on an engagement ring." But this is not a rule written in stone because one can have a custom made ring done starting as low as few hundred dollars and going up to a couple thousands. Sure, everybody wants to make most out of the deal but not all can set aside the huge sum of money just to get married.

Still, make an estimate of your budget and how much you can spend without going broke. Now we don’t want that, do we?

2. Find out her size.

Listen, if you don’t want to miss out on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of giving your girlfriend the best surprise ever, don’t tell her about your plan of buying the ring. Instead, ask her friends or parents about her size and pass on the sneaky little info to your jeweller to have it custom made. Also, don’t forget to ask around what kind of diamond shape she likes.

3. Choosing the diamond

Since you’ll be spending most of your money on a diamond, it’s a good idea to set a few ground rules for success. First, you must gain some knowledge about these stones and what makes them special. According to experts, diamonds are based on four qualities:

• Colour
• Clarity
• Cut
• Carat

If you don’t know what the terms mentioned above imply, don’t be afraid to ask your jeweller to explain in details. Seriously, you’d be doing yourself a huge favour.

4. Choosing the Setting

Once you have narrowed in on a diamond, it’s now time to choose a setting. Engagement rings are available in many different types of precious metals such as titanium, platinum, white and yellow gold, etc. Each one of these metals has their own uniqueness because of which they are priced differently.

If premade products are not your thing, then create your very own custom engagement rings to lend a personal touch. Trust us; you’ll never regret your decision to have a custom ring made.

5. Research her style

Your work doesn’t end with finding the perfect diamond and setting unless you don’t know what your girlfriend likes and what she doesn’t. It would be a very good idea to approach some of her friends to know more about her preference in ring styles. Do this right, and your girl will be speechless at the moment she puts the ring on her finger.

That’s all folks!

See, that’s wasn’t too hard, was it? Of course not! You don’t have to be an expert to gift the perfect ring on the big day. All you have to be is a gentleman willing to do a bit of legwork in finding out the finger measurements and an expert jeweller.
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