Hello to all you lovely readers. I hope your days are going as well as mine is!

I love attending events. They give me a chance to step out of the somewhat unexciting routine I keep to. From birthdays to weddings to going-away parties. If there's good music and great food then you can count on me to show up and have a good time!

One day I'd love to host events of my own. I know for a fact that no event is complete without guests and to attract guests, the one thing you definitely need are invites. I recently came across Paperless Post, a website that lets you create, send and track gorgeous invitation cards. The site is quite easy to use and my favourite thing about it is the fact that you can send online invitations as well as paper invitations. Paperless Post makes it easy to send hundreds of baby shower invites, surprise party invites or whatever you may fancy with just the click of a button!


You can choose from hundreds of designs already on the site which include designs from Oscar de la Renta and Kate Spade NY. Alternatively, you can upload your own custom designs. If you decide to go the custom design route then hiring a photographer or a graphic designer might be something you'd like to consider doing.

If invites aren't all you need, you can also create and send address collection cards and save the date cards before you send out invitations. The brand ships within the UK, US, Canada and Australia. Don't let that hinder you as you can send online invitations to people all over the world regardless of their location. And you know what? Your guests will love these cards!

THIS POST IS A PARTNERSHIP WITH NAKTURNAL // Images sourced from ClipArtBest & Paperless Post // AD

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