I was lucky enough to receive 2 £30 vouchers to spend at Chiquito, one of my favourite restaurants in Swansea. Not being one to eat out a lot as eating out isn't exactly wallet-friendly for students, I didn't hesitate to accept the offer to try out some of the items on their new menu which was made available on the 9th of February. One great thing about Chiquito is that students can get a 25% discount off their total bill. All you have to do is register here, receive your key fob in the post and present it to your waiter along with your valid student id. Expect more restaurant reviews in the future. I plan to treat myself to a fancy cheat meal at least once every month. I decided to take some of my girls out but due to clashing timetables and us never being available at the same time, I ended up going once with a friend and the second time on my own.

I know I mentioned in my last outfit post that I'd been to Nandos before shooting the outfit but shhh! ;)

What We Ordered:

We decided to go halves on our meals so that we could taste a little bit of everything.

HERO BURGER: This was incredible. My eyes literally rolled back when I took the first bite. So good! If there's one thing you need to try, it's this! Amaka loved it as well! The coleslaw on the side was tasty too. I had the fries with the store brand's hot habanero sauce instead of the mayonnaise and ketchup that we were offered.

These are perfect for sharing. You can get 3 for £12.95 or 6 for £23.95. Below is what we got from my least favourite to my favourite.
(1) SPICY CHICKEN EMPANADAS: I expected these to taste a lot better. It wasn't spicy at all, a bit bland to be honest.
(2) SWEET CHORIZO CROQUETTES: I liked these, they were really nice but I couldn't taste the chorizo in them.
(3) BEEF CHILLI TORTILLA STACK: Out of the three, this was my favourite! Amaka hesitated at first but she ended up liking it just as much as I did. It definitely surpassed our expectations, ha!

(1) APPLEBERRY: Amaka's drink, I had a sip and I liked the tanginess.
(2) VIRGIN COLADA: My drink (on the right). It's the only drink I order when I'm at Chiquito. This alcohol-free piƱa colada is perfect for me. Creamed coconut and pineapple juice on ice. This drink is too good!


What I Ordered:

As I mentioned before, I used the second voucher on my own. This meal was very filling. Everything from the starters to the dessert. I walked home feeling happy and had to force myself to eat breakfast the next morning because I still felt quite full!

PERI-PERI PRAWNS(STARTER): A great start to a great meal! The prawns came in the most amazing sauce that reminded me of my mum's Nigerian red stew. 

SPICED COCONUT CHICKEN(MAIN): I love coconuts if you haven't noticed already. The sauce was tasty on its own but I added more than an extra dash of habanero sauce to boost the spiciness. The chicken was soft and juicy. The rice and tortilla puffs complemented the sauce unquestionably.

CHILLI PINEAPPLE THINS(DESSERT): I was going to go for either the Churros or the Mexican Mess but I was stuffed. Instead I settled for something light. This was one of the restaurant's recommended desserts. The chilli did take a bit of getting used to. Lovely dessert!

Make sure to check out their menu here and head over to try out their food! Let me know what you think if you do. x


food c/o Chiquito but all views expressed are mine and true.
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