Long time, no blog. It's been almost a month. I'm just getting this post up to remind you guys that I'm still here. Stressed but definitely alive.

I'd always wanted to try the "bralette-over-top" trend because I felt like it would be something I could pull off and because I love to layer. I like how the outfit turned out. I'm wearing the same bralette in this post and my work shirt. I had to buy a fitted white shirt because I looked silly when I tried tucking my other one into pants.

I will try to post often but I've been spending most of my time off uni either working, doing coursework or procrastinating. I should turn procrastination time into blogging time, no? I do know that with proper planning and time management, I should be able to do everything but it's just hard! Sigh. We'll see.

Outfit details are at the bottom of this post so keep scrolling. Talk soon. x



Topshop Bralette || H&M Shirt || American Apparel 'Denim Circle' Skirt || Primark Sunglasses || Nike "Mid' Air Force One Shoes


Photographed & Edited by: O.R.R.
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