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I always wonder how other bloggers think up titles for their outfit posts. I could have called this post 'Blue & Orange' or 'How To Look Like A Cool Rainbow' but I thought the first was too simple and the second too forced. In a way, I sort of stuck with 'Blue & Orange' because... well, if a photo's white balance is too cool it looks blue and if it's too warm it looks orange... idk.

These pants aren't exactly orange, they're more of a dark coral colour. I got them as a replacement for my AA "Party" pants - worn here, here, & here - which are a lighter coral colour. I had a really stubborn stain on the older pair and thought it would never come off but I did a bit of research and hydrogen peroxide saved them - unfortunately, after I'd already bought the pair I'm wearing in this post. Nevertheless I don't regret buying this pair. It's got belt holes and is slightly thicker so I can worry less about my underwear being visible. Sadly, I think that American Apparel is discontinuing this style because there aren't as many colours as there used to be on the site. They're great pants though, I highly recommend them.

I love playing with colours. Personally, I think that most colours go well together. Could I be suffering from some form of colour blindness? Hmm...
What do you think? Would you mix and wear bright colours?

Let me know. Have a great week! x


Topshop Top || Americal Apparel 'Micro-Poly High Waist Pleated' Pants || Franklin & Marshall Hat || Cartier Sunglasses || Zara Bag || Vintage Nike '1984 Bowling' Shoes

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Edited by: O.R.R.
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