Here's a quick post before I head out to see a movie with a few friends. These photos were taken about a week or two ago, back when it was still "summer". Now it rains everyday.

I've been taking photos on my university's campus a lot lately because it's a ten-minute walk from my place and I can't be bothered to walk any farther especially as I usually have to rush off to one place or the other immediately after shooting. Forgive the shadows, I had spent the whole day procrastinating and was finally able to get myself to leave bed and take outfit photos at 7:30pm when I knew the sun was setting at 8:27pm. I didn't get a lot of photos but the ones above are the few I did manage to get. My top is actually a kimono that I'm wearing tucked in. I've worn it the normal way here. This is my second time wearing these jeans and these sandals on the blog - first times are here & here.

In other news, I've been made a Dr. Martens brand ambassador! I'm excited about working with the brand and am still trying to decide what to get first with my press discount ha! I'm torn between this bag and this pair of shoes. Hold up, the shoes are on sale! Thank God I didn't get them yesterday LOL.

Blog soon. x


American Apparel Bodysuit & Belt || Topshop Kimono (worn as top) || Hollister Jeans || (No Brand) Sunglasses || Dr. Martens 'Clarissa' Sandals

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