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Clashing prints is one of my favourite things to do. When I planned this outfit in my head, it did not include the bucket hat. I was about to straighten my fringe when I realised that I'd lost my picking comb. I couldn't fix my fringe without the comb so I wore the hat. I sort of like how it turned out.
Speaking of bucket hats, here's another post with me wearing one. These are the same shorts that I wore here & here. Can you believe that I moved the shirt - also worn here & here - and jacket - also worn here, here & here - in this post to the pile of clothes I was listing on eBay & Depop? I don't know what I was thinking. They're back in my wardrobe now, don't worry. Click on the links above to view the different ways I've styled all these items.

You have just gotta love Tumblr and how everyone these days is an internet gangster. An anon directed me to a post where a person had proclaimed that she didn't like me, called me a mosquito, said I had chopstick legs and went as far as saying that she wanted my legs at her dining table because she wanted to eat with them. Wow. This tickled my sense of humour. I'm not gonna lie, I was furious for a few minutes... then I started laughing.
Personally, I think that's unhygienic because:
  • (1) they are legs and my sweaty feet are attached to them. Sweat is salty, so hey that's extra seasoning... hmm. 
  • (2) it may not seem obvious in these photos but I can't remember the last time I shaved my legs or clipped my toenails but who knows? The aforementioned individual probably plans on using my toenails as toothpicks to get the hair out of her teeth. 
Anyway, who am I to judge a person's preferences? To each his own. Kudos though, I'm still trying to master how to use chopsticks and am in awe of people that can. Unfortunately my legs are unavailable, thanks for requesting for them. x

One of the worst sets of people are those that mock things about other people that they can't change. I know that surgery can change some things but I'm not going to share my views on cosmetic surgery in this post. Body-shaming has never been and will never be cool. This reminds me of the Wendy Williams and Ariana Grande issue. Appalling. (& Immature). Behaviour. People need to check themselves and think before they speak or type. "Freedom of speech" is a useless excuse, don't go there.

One thing I love about myself is my ability to see the funny side of most situations.
Have people tried to bully you online? I used to be an internet samurai and for a small price - gotta pay my rent - you can employ me to deal with them.

Have a good day guys! I'm off to file my fingernails as they are so uneven in this post. :/


American Apparel Jacket || Zara Shirt & Bag || (via Urban Outfitters) Shorts || H&M Hat || (No Brand) Sunglasses || (c/o McArthur Glen Bridgend) 'Carvela' Kurt Geiger Shoes

Photographed & Edited by: O.R.R.

"c/o" denotes a gifted or loaned item. all opinions are mine and true.
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