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This post was supposed to go up yesterday but I got called for a job interview while editing it and ended up getting the job and starting work immediately. That was unexpected. By the time I got back home, I was too knackered to do anything so I tidied up my room and went to bed. I almost didn't go to the interview but then I asked myself what exactly I was doing at home? I mean, I hadn't left my house since Saturday. I've been binge-watching Grimm. I decided to just do it and turn a bit of my idle time into extra money.

On to the outfit. I know I already own a top like this - worn here & here - but when I saw this one in the Topshop sale with half the back missing, I knew I had to have it. I had just £12 in my account and it was £10. Reckless behaviour but I knew I was getting money later in the day. This is a perfect example of a basic with a twist. My kind of basic. Next on my list is this Zara one because it's also asymmetric but this time, it's the front of the top that's missing. I've got a thing for completing collections. After that, I need to find an asymmetric white shirt with one side missing. It's the hoarder in me.
I paired it with high-waisted jeans, my supercolors and my new everyday bag - just because I can't be bothered to transfer its contents to a different bag.
For people who are wondering if I don't own an iron. Well, I do now. I had to get one when I bought my sewing machine. Still doesn't mean I'll make ironing my clothes a habit though.

Details of my hair are underneath this photo on my Instagram. This is a wig. My crochet braids made me remember how much I dislike extensions on my head when I go to bed. It also made my edges extinct. I'm hoping that Jamaican black castor oil will be able to resurrect them.

Rest in peace to my wireless shutter release. These photos were taken on the day that it decided to give up on me. I changed the batteries but it still won't work properly. I'd buy a new one but I can't seem to find any other brands I can trust online and Nikon's own remote isn't compatible with my camera. That's great... Not. I've been doing the running back and forth thing recently - from camera to posing spot. It's exercise but it's stressful.

Thanks for viewing and have a great weekend!


Topshop Shirt || American Apparel 'Light Wash High-Waist' Jeans (DIY) || Zara Bag || ASOS Sunglasses || Dr. Martens Socks || Adidas "'Ray Purple' Supercolor" Shoes 

Photographed & Edited by: O.R.R.
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