A few photos from a picnic a few friends and I had a while back. I had food poisoning and didn't eat much but that didn't stop me from taking a few photos. This was the first roll of film I shot confidently. I'd say that with the first few, I was still trying to get used to the camera and loading film. Here's a tip for manual shooting, you can use your iPhone as a light meter with this app. I can't remember if these photos were taken back in June or July. That would be my only problem with shooting analog, having no photo exif data. Nevertheless without wanting to sound cliché, I love shooting film. Every roll is a mystery. You're never sure of how your photos turned out till you get them developed. I need to figure out how to develop film myself, I know there's a darkroom on my university's campus so that's going down on my bucket list. Developing them at a shop is pricey and takes forever. I took a bunch of rolls to get developed two Fridays ago and picked them up on Wednesday. Unfortunately, one of them was blank? I like how this roll turned out and I'll be sharing a few from my other rolls soon.
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