Let's talk about this coat. This is my coat for slightly chilly spring days. I've packed all my winter coats away, a decision I came to strongly regret yesterday as it was cold and rainy. I was freezing when I ran to Tesco. Lovely Welsh weather. Anyway, I found this coat a few months ago at British Red Cross and it cost just £8. It's a bit too big, a size 14 but I love the fit. The pants are a more recent addition to my wardrobe. These are the American Apparel 'Crepe' pants, one of their new styles. They are a bit pricey but a necessary replacement for my vintage pants from Urban Outfitters. I've ripped and sewn the rear area of that pair so many times because I keep forgetting that they're made with fragile vintage fabric and keep dancing in them - hence the rips. There's no hope for them anymore. I've torn them in a way that can't be repaired. The good thing about these new ones is that I could do gymnastics in them and they'd still be fine... I think. I've got a thing for black pants (1 / 2 / 3). The boots are from Charlotte, perfect timing, my black Dr. Martens were falling apart. I will miss them, I got them 'very pre-owned' off eBay and wore them to death in the 4 years I owned them. I'm thinking classic Chelsea Dr. Martens next. Yes or no?

My sincere apologies for the photo overload. I've been reading articles on the topic and I thought I'd ask. How many photos do you think is too much for an outfit post? Most articles I read argued either '3-4' or '6-8' is enough. What do you think? I tend to go overboard with photos when I really like how they turned out. My hard drive won't appreciate them so why not share them? Even after deciding to share photos not in the post to my social media accounts, I'm still left with more that I like. Personally, I enjoy photo-heavy posts if the photography is excellent. For example, Nicole Warne's photos (a.k.a Gary Pepper). I would not mind if she posted a hundred photos of herself prancing around Mount. Everest with boring hiking gear on. Having a fiance who's also your personal blog photographer must be great.
Any photographers on here need a girlfriend? I'm actually quite easy to please. All I need is food, commitment and love.

One of my aims is to take editorial-worthy outfit photos. Photos that will grab and hold on to readers' attention as they scroll down. I'm working on that.

I'm posting my most recent set of photos because... well, I took less photos than on other days and I can't be bothered to sort through the other sets right now. I'm also trying to get back into my 2-3 posts a week routine. Quality over quantity though. If I have not got content that's worth posting then no post.

Would you believe me if I said that I accidentally found this location? I decided to take what I hoped was a shortcut from where I'd taken photos about a week earlier - that post is coming soon - to The Marina. I came out at a T-junction, looked to the left and hey, pretty doors. I think I'm going to return with a wider lens to take more photos in future so you can see the building properly. I believe it's a warehouse of some sort?
One good thing about summer in this country is the fact that I can roll out of bed at 7pm and still take blog photos without worrying about it getting dark soon. Don't ask why I was wearing sunglasses at 7pm. With a tripod, I can use a lower than usual shutter speed and still keep my ISO low. Not that it matters much to me, I tend to add a heaped teaspoon of grain when I'm editing my photos anyway.
This post, like my last one is best viewed on a laptop or desktop. Have a good week, guys! x


Thrifted Coat || Uniqlo Shirt || American Apparel 'Crepe' Pants || (c/o McArthur Glen Bridgend) Osprey London Bag, Fossil Earrings & Necklace || Topshop Choker || (No Brand) Sunglasses || Gifted Boots 

Photographed & 
Edited by: O.R.R.

"c/o" denotes a gifted or loaned item. all opinions are mine and true.
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