This will be the last of my heavy layered looks till autumn. I hope. It was cold on the day I took these photos. The weather can't seem to make up its mind on some days and being skinny, I freeze easily. I keep telling myself that it's okay to still be posting layered looks in spring because in some part of the world, it's autumn. Inspiration for my Australian readers.

I was roaming around Camden alone when I was in London a few weeks back and I noticed a pop-up store selling vintage Nike items on the high-street. I walked in and first thing I saw was this pair of 1984 bowling shoes in my size. Fate? Yeah. I paid without thinking twice about it. You know why I love vintage? The chances that you and someone else will own the same item are pretty slim. I read of a blogger quitting the style section of her blog because in summary, all she wore was vintage and her readers wouldn't be able to find the clothes in-store anywhere. To tell you the truth, I was a bit disappointed but to each his own.

The high-street mania puts me off. Everyone is either wearing the same Topshop crop top or dragging the same Zara tote around. I shop in these places sometimes but these days, it's like there's no personality in peoples' styles. It's just fashion. You get me? It's sad. It's not compulsory to follow trends. It gives me a headache, to be honest. I'm a personal style blogger, not a fashion blogger. I believe that there is a difference. I am documenting what I wear, not what everyone else is wearing. I'm not saying that there's anything particularly unique about my style but it is mine and not what the media says it should be. I hardly give a damn about 70's flares, fringes or whatever is in although all the a-line denim skirts I've been seeing around are calling out to my toothpick legs and well, I like fringed bags and fringed leather, suede and denim skirts... . Maybe I do give a damn about fringes but nevertheless, I feel like you should not jump on a trend unless you know that it suits what you're all about. No offence, I'm just stating my personal views. If hopping on trends is your thing then good luck, have fun.

I digress. This topic always makes my blood boil.

Oh did I mention that on the day I bought the shoes, I also saw Shirley B. Eniang in American Apparel? She was right behind me on the line for the till but my body does this thing, it doesn't cooperate when I'm in shock so I couldn't say hi. I'm shy. If I'd tried to say hi, I'd have probably ended up reciting Nigeria's national anthem instead or something equally as silly would have left my mouth. Of course, I'm not calling Nigeria's national anthem silly. I'm just trying to say that me spouting it out when I was trying to express my loyal "fan-ness" instead would have been silly. I can't turn thoughts into words when I'm nervous so I just keep quiet.

I discovered the song below via +VSCO's All The Above project. I can't get enough of it! I'm a sucker for sick beats. Listen and enjoy your day. x


Topshop Coat || Vintage Top || American Apparel 'Linen' Pants || (c/o McArthur Glen Bridgend) Osprey London Bag & Fossil Earrings || Topshop Choker || Cartier Sunglasses || Vintage Nike '1984 Bowling' Shoes 

Photographed & 
Edited by: O.R.R.

"c/o" denotes a gifted or loaned item. all opinions are mine and true.
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