Throwing it back to the 10th of March. I originally did not plan to attend this show. It was going to be a Netflix kinda night for me but if you remember, I mentioned that a friend asked me to help him take photos backstage while he photographed the runway. I'd just bought my speedlight and I was itching to use it. That's the only reason I cancelled my date with my bed.
I didn't read the manual before reaching the venue. I never read manuals first. I've got no patience for such. I freestyled with that speedlight.
Below are a few photos from that night.

The show was run by my university's Fashion Society and was held at the Swansea Grand Theatre. They did a good job. I wish I'd got a list of all the collections that were showcased at the show. I'm only sure of one, Hobo's vintage store. I also wish I knew more about the show to tell you but like I mentioned, I decided to attend last-minute - I didn't even know about the show till the day before - and when I got there it was hectic backstage! I spent all my time backstage, didn't even get to see the main theatre itself. Apparently, it's got a beautiful ceiling. Maybe next time. 
I didn't put my camera down till the show was over and then I had to rush over to my friend's place to hand over the photos. I didn't get paid. It was for charity so I don't mind. Check out the Facebook page for more information.

I had fun. It was a great night - trust me - but I was glad when I got back home to my bed, we can't do long periods of time away from each other.  

I'll be uploading more photos to my journal when I've got more time. Perhaps in June, after my exams.


I've included a short video - 15 seconds - of Ines' performance. Testing out Blogger's new "upload video" feature.

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