I had doubts about posting this because I wasn't in the best of moods on the day I took these. I'd just handed in coursework, I was hungry and it was windy. The wind completely dried and messed up my hair. It was a warm day but the wind was cold. Sometimes, I miss Nigeria. The lack of deadly winds is calling me back. 
Anyway, here's a typical uni outfit for me. Trainers or sneakers, loose bottoms and a tight top.
The post title is from the lyrics of one of my favourite songs this month. I've included the video below. In my opinion, it's a must watch.


Farah Jacket || (via Topshop) Oh My Love Crop Top || American Apparel  Party Pants || (c/o McArthur Glen Bridgend) Fossil Necklace || Topshop Choker || Primark Sunglasses || VANS Sneakers

Photographed & Edited by: O.R.R.

"c/o" denotes a gifted or loaned item. all opinions are mine and true.
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