These photos were taken outside Sketty Hall by Charlotte

My first time wearing my Huaraches on here. Here's a closeup photo of them. Aren't they gorgeous? I believe that I'm slowly becoming a sneaker addict but that's an unhealthy addiction for both my account balance and the environment. With the exception of these trainers being difficult to get on, they're quite comfortable. Limited edition colourway. When I saw them, I knew I had to have them! I spotted them on my way to pay in cash at the bank and I'm not ashamed to say that I spent part of my rent on them. Worry not, I had more money for my rent. I'm not that irresponsible. I wasn't with my bank cards at that moment and Office refused to put them on hold. "High demand", they said. I was desperate.

The hat is the one I bought for Ayo on the day that I took photos of him for my Flowers & Murals project. The jacket is courtesy of my male friend. Sometimes, bigger is better.


Carhartt Jacket || Zara Top, Trousers & Bag || Vintage Belt || Mum's Necklace || Cartier Sunglasses || Primark Bucket Hat || (via Office) Nike "Huarache" Trainers

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