Well, not so new seeing as these photos were taken eons ago but this is their first feature on here.
I tweeted a while back that it sucked; how I could never find a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans that fit the way I wanted them to. Of course, almost everyone suggested that I try Topshop's Joni jeans. I owned a pair once. They are not "it". Almost everyone owns a pair but really, I don't get the hype. Jamie jeans are not "it" for me either, sorry.

Anyway, a follower of mine suggested that I try Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch or Jack Wills jeans out. Hollister & Jack Wills are close-by, so I took a train to Cardiff. 
Jack Wills didn't have my size in-store, shame. At Hollister, I tried the Ryan High Rise Super Skinny Jeans on in the smallest size, a 00 and it was love at first bum wiggle. I doubted that they'd fit at first because they looked so tiny. They're pricier but are definitely worth it, in my opinion. They don't fit my ankles right but they fit better than most pairs I've tried on. That's not Hollister's fault, I've got skinny ankles. I originally wanted a black or grey pair but this style doesn't come in either colour. Abercrombie & Fitch do both colours though but I don't like shopping online for bottoms. I would rather try them on first. Next time I'm in London, I'll stop by the store.

I love these jeans, gosh. They make my non-existent bum look good. Best buy of the year.

Every other item is old and has been featured on here at least two or three times. Yay, recycling. A sustainable wardrobe is the best wardrobe.
That seat behind me is really bugging me. I didn't notice it in the photos till I got home. I was in a hurry, I took these photos before a lecture. I tried photoshopping it out but then the photos just looked dodgy. I definitely entertained the builders nearby though. They must have thought I was mad, ha! They couldn't see my tripod and it looked like I was posing on my own.

Also, how good is Made In Height's new song? Rhetorical question. It's really good. I'm still waiting for their album to drop. 


Thrifted Denim Jacket || c/o Choies Coat || (via Urban Outfitters) Sparkle & Fade Top || American Apparel Bodysuit || Hollister Jeans || Cartier Sunglasses || Topshop Choker || Dr. Martens "1461" Boots & Socks 

Photographed & Edited by: O.R.R.
 "c/o" denotes a gifted or loaned item. all opinions are mine and true.
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