When your phone becomes an outfit accessory. I was taking photos of Charlotte squatting in the middle of the road while she photographed me. Hilarious, look.
Sorry for the silence on the blog. I've decided to publish my photo summary posts every fortnight. Uni work and everything. I need to spend more time on my studies and less on this blog. At least till this semester's over.
I've been trying out making my own Lightroom presets for a while now. I've got a lot that I've bought or downloaded off the internet but there are times when I can't find any that produce the look I'm going for. I finally made one that I like. I used it on the photos in this post. You can download it here.
It's finally warm enough to go out without ten layers on. Yes to that!
Quick post as I'm currently in the library working on coursework. Have a good day, guys. x


River Island Fur Vest || H&M Top || American Apparel Trousers || (No Brand) Sunglasses || Topshop Choker || Zara Bag || Nike Socks || (via ASOS) New Balance "574" Trainers

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