I've had these pants for years now but have only worn them twice because I don't know... I'm not sure if I actually like them? On some days, they look good when I try them on. Other days, they don't look that good. I'm only holding on to them because they're grey/pewter and are also quite comfy.
I'm struggling with what pronouns to use when talking about pants/trousers. English is a tricky language.
I shot this a while back in the Marina area. Lucky for me, it wasn't a windy day. I usually avoid Marina because I don't quite fancy being blown back to Africa by the wind. Neither do I fancy the wind knocking over my tripod but like I said, it wasn't a windy day so I jumped at the chance. No gifs because I'm being a lazy bum right now and am only publishing this post because I'm trying to keep up my "three posts a week" routine.


Zara Jacket, Jumper, Shoes & Bag || (via Urban Outfitters) *** Pants || (No Brand) Sunglasses

Photographed & Edited by: O.R.R.
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