I don't eat out much but every once in a while, I like to treat myself. On Wednesday, I had lunch with Charlotte at The Crepe Vine before taking blog photos. I'd been here once before almost a year ago and I forgot how good their food is. Charlotte went for a Cotton Candy milkshake & The Martian waffles - which we ended up sharing - while I had a Coconut milkshake & a Chicken Tikka savoury crepe. What can I say? My stomach is bottomless.

The milkshakes get top ratings from me. So far I've had the coconut, gingerbread and chocolate ones. They're all made with freshly whipped vanilla ice cream and are so good, believe me! The prices are okay as well. I've attached a photo of the menu and interior in case anyone's down in Swansea and looking for places to eat. They also serve jacket potatoes, toasties, coffee, tea, cakes and ice cream. Definitely worth checking out.


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