From that gif of me dancing, you can probably tell that I think that I'm FKA Twigs. I just wanna learn how to vogue, ok. Practice makes perfect :(

I never know what to type under posts, guys. I always feel like I'm typing beating around the bush. You'd think that after almost three years of blogging, I'd have figured it all out. I guess I could talk about the outfit?... but there really isn't much to say about it.
I grabbed the jumper for £4.50 at a vintage shop. I feel like it's something American Apparel would make and sell for £50. Bargain. I'll post an outfit with it untucked so you see what I mean. I forgot to take a full length photo of the coat but here's one from a while back on my Instagram.
I believe this outfit is me. I look calm on top but when you get to the bottom i.e. to know me, I'm quite colourful.
I love how these docs are comfortable enough to dance in. NOTE: No breaking in was required before this feat was accomplished.


Vintage Coat & Jumper || (Thrifted) Zara Skirt || Zara Bag || (via ASOS) Cheap Monday Sunglasses || Topshop Choker || H&M Socks || c/o Dr. Martens "Pascal" Boots

Photographed by Chimsom Taiwo. Directed & Edited by O.R.R.

 "c/o" denotes a gifted or loaned item. all opinions are mine and true.
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