I don't believe that this post deserves a "Recipe" title but I'm just trying to maintain order on here. Sunny side-up eggs are in my opinion the easiest eggs to make. Not boiled eggs, because I never get those right. I always undercook or overcook boiled eggs. I love when my boiled egg yolks are not quite runny and not quite cooked. That's difficult to achieve when you can't see what you're cooking.

On mornings when I'm craving eggs for breakfast and feeling energetic, I go all out. Huge omelets with everything compatible in my fridge, freezer and cupboard thrown in. Other mornings are "meh", I force myself to eat breakfast just for eating breakfast's sake. I like to make it quick. You know, crack an egg or two in a pan and that's it. Really, that's it. I top it with a few pinches of whatever spices my hand reaches first over  my eggs and grill two sausages or a sliced bread roll. I also make a mug of plain green tea.


- 2 medium or large eggs

- coconut oil (butter or any oil of your choice will do)
- himalayan pink salt (or regular boring salt)

- cheese, tuna or prawns (optional)
- ground coriander, ground black pepper, garlic granules, dried parsley (or any spices & dry herbs of your choice)

Heat your frying pan up a bit then add your butter or oil and spread around the pan. (Tip: Cooking spray makes things easier).
Pour your eggs in. If you haven't perfected your egg-cracking technique, crack them into a bowl first and get rid of the shells. 
Next, sprinkle a pinch of salt, your spices & herbs over the eggs. I use a different combination of spices and herbs each time but garlic granules and dried parsley are staples for me. The amount I add varies. Sometimes, extra parsley and more garlic. Other times, vice versa. I can't live without these two. They go in almost everything I cook. I don't really care about garlic breath, y'know. That might be the reason why I'm single, jk.
Sometimes, I like to top them off with a tiny bit of extra protein in the form of cheese, tuna flakes or small prawns.
Cook till the bottom is nice and solid. You can toss them over if you like your eggs properly cooked. I rarely ever do. Runny yolks are amazing with toast.
Voila! That's it. Serve.

Served with pork sausages on the left. Topped with cheese, extra parsley and served with sweet corn & shrimps on the right.

Really, the point of this post is to let you know that breakfasts & sunny-side-up eggs don't have to be boring. Experiment a bit. Try super hot Sriracha. 

All photos are courtesy of my iPhone 5s.
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