I got henna done for free on campus a few weeks back. I came up with the pattern myself and the lady did a great job replicating it! I can't even remember when it washed off. I looked at these photos, looked at my hand and realised the pattern wasn't there anymore.

Trying to work with natural light while taking selfies can be a pain in the lower backside. How dare the sun come up while I'm serving my fiercest Naomi Campbell pose and waiting for the camera's timer to tick down to zero? Just making me glow like an angel. Sometimes allow me to be lowkey angelic, you know? It was dark - and empty, the most important bit - in Cafe West when I took these but I opened the blinds - after what felt like hours of trying to figure out how on earth they opened. I was NOT going to use my on-camera flash so I had to put up with the fluctuating light.

Also, how coincidental is it that while I was editing these photos / looking for the right VSCO preset, I got an email that this photo - that I took with my iPhone after I arranged the seats, right before I started snapping - had been curated for VSCO Grid? I'm very much wowed, thanks +VSCO. - (View Grid) -
Photo credit? Mr. Tripod.

Excited for Saturday, Charlotte and I have got a blogger trip scheduled. I can't wait to share!

Vintage Cardigan || Vintage "Levi" Jacket || Miss Selfridge Crop Top || H&M Culottes & Hat  || Cheap Monday (via ASOS) Sunglasses || Mum's Necklace || Nike Socks || Dr. Martens "Briar" Shoes

Photographed & Edited by: O.R.R.
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