Ahh taking a break from writing a pile of university essays to bring you this outfit post, a collaboration with Dr. Martens. We all know that I love my docs. Here, I'm styling their Pascal Boots which are a lovely shade of blue. I usually go for dark colours when it comes to footwear e.g. black, greys and dark purple but for some unknown reason, these days I'm drawn to bright colours. Could it be because spring is around the corner? Maybe.

They look a lot like the 1460 boots, no? That's what I thought. I had to google the difference between both styles. Solestruck says:
- I know what you're thinking. "Pascal? What the hell is Pascal? I'm clearly looking at the classic 1460 8-eye boot." Well, not technically. The Pascal has one precise difference: it's raw lined, without the leather piping of the 1460. An entirely different shoe! But indeed, the Pascal has 8-eyes and comes in just as many varieties as its piped cousin. Step into high quality welted construction and time-proof style. -

There you have it, they are different shoes. They've also got different laces from the classic 1460 laces. You can see them better here. I noticed that these were a lot easier to wear than the 1460 boots. They didn't require breaking in. I was advised in-store to size down as they run a bit large but they were still a comfortable fit.  Definitely check out the Dr. Martens' new arrivals page. 

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"c/o" denotes a gifted or loaned item. all opinions are mine and true.
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