Here it is, the post you've all been waiting for - lol jk.

On Saturday, Charlotte and I were invited on an all-expenses paid trip to the McArthur Glen Designer Outlet in Bridgend. The goal was to look around the stores and choose at least two accessories for our style diaries. My diary/outfit post will be up before Friday.

These were taken opposite the station while we waited for our taxi. I must tell you, it did feel nice to not have to pay for our train tickets or taxi. We felt like mini-celebs! Anyone who has met me probably knows that I walk everywhere because I can't bring myself to pay for a taxi when I know that I can comfortably walk the distance. 
If there was a "Walkaholic Award", I'd win it.

The centre has got a nice clean layout. We both felt like the stores were more catered to older people. Personally, I thought that was both a good and not-so-good thing. Good because this meant that there were stores with better quality items than the high street. Not-so-good because our generation is supposed to be the "shopaholic" generation and there weren't that many outlet stores for the younger ones. According to our taxi driver though, the outlet isn't done yet. There's still hope for more stores in future. I don't really think it's a problem as I'm all for quality over quantity but more stores would still be a nice addition. 

Right now though, there are stores for possibly everything you'd need. Electronic gadgets, perfumes, outdoor sportswear, homeware, men & womenswear, a huge Cadbury shop - come on, we all need chocolate etc. View the full list of stores here if you want to plan a trip down.

Osprey had a great selection of bags, purses and sunglasses. All at amazing discounted prices.

Honestly, it was such a shame that the shoes I liked at the Adidas Outlet store only came in men's sizes. I was really excited to go in here. They did have great shoes in the women's section but not in any style I wanted to get.

Cute souvenirs in The Gift Company.

Did I mention that we were each given gift cards worth £275 to spend on our accessories and food in the stores? // Loved this Calvin Klein tote bag.

I loved the Easter selection at the Yankee Candle store. The Bunny Cake candle had a fantastic scent, like real cake!

I was drawn to the men's satchels in the Ted Baker outlet store but they were too big for me. 
Are you noticing a pattern here? I like men's clothes & accessories but they never fit.

Fooling around in Sunglass Hut.

We both got cupcakes from Millie's Cookies in the food court. They were a bit too sweet for me but the muffins I got were on point!

Afterwards, we got a taxi to the station just in time to get on our train back to Swansea.

I am a very picky shopper. I spend time thinking before I buy anything.

"Do I need this? How versatile is it? How many ways can I wear it? Is it good quality? Will it last?
If my style changes in the future can this item adapt to suit it?"

Seeing as I can't function anytime I've got a wardrobe filled with items I don't wear, this quiz session is very essential.
It took me ages to decide what I was going to get with my gift card. Charlotte got a lot more than I did but took less time. Nevertheless, I managed to tick a few things off my wishlist; a leather cross-body bag & a mini leather backpack (from Osprey), black loafers (from Kurt Geiger), sterling silver jewellery (from Fossil) & Elizabeth Arden's Provocative Woman (from The Fragrance Shop). I also picked up a basic striped vest in the Gap store. There's still money on my card. Enough for a small lunch next time I'm in Bridgend. Note that "small" in my terms is usually huge for some people.

Anyway, that's that. Look out for my post where I'll be styling the accessories I got. 
Have a good day. x
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