I went to my first car boot sale on Sunday solely to take a few pictures and see if I could get my hands on a working film camera. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anyone selling film cameras but as you can see below, I took quite a lot of photos.
It's all practice. I've paid very little attention to my kit lens ever since I started shooting manual - with my 50mm - mainly because of the fact that I almost always have to change the settings every time I zoom in or out. I usually get frustrated and switch to Auto mode.  I doubt my 50mm lens would have done a good job in this situation as it's equivalent to 75mm on my camera's cropped sensor. The event was held in a tight indoor space. So I decided to challenge myself, I hopped out of bed and took only my 18-55mm lens to the National Waterfront Museum which was where the sale held and I didn't switch to Auto mode once.
This post also includes a few photos taken with an iPhone 5s. 

The event started at 10:00am but I got there a bit after 11:30am. I realised when I'd walked far away from home that I'd left my 32GB memory card behind. Lucky for me, my 4GB memory card was in my camera bag. I changed my camera's photo format to make sure that I didn't run out of space and then I was set.


Right outside the museum, was a street market. I knew about the Saturday market - 9:00am-1:00pm, every last Saturday of the month at Gwydr Square - close to my place in Uplands but the market in the Marina area was new to me.



1.) The Philly Cheese Steak Co's Jalapeno & Blue Cheese Philly Sandwich.

In an alternate world, I'm vegan. This sandwich was totally worth the £5 price tag. Jalapenos are bae.

2.) Feelgood Foodies Salted Caramel Brownie.

This was a gluten, wheat and dairy-free brownie. Slightly gooey in the middle, it was the perfect sweet treat. I need to find a recipe and recreate it.



I only bought the skirt and scarf from the sale. They cost £5 and £4.50 respectively. I could have haggled - for my Nigerians, "priced" - but I couldn't be bothered.
With the exception of a few coats, the novel and Polaroid camera are thrift-store finds that I've acquired over the past two months. The camera seems to be in working condition but film for this particular model is out of production. Shame.

If you scrolled all the way to the bottom of the page and read every word I typed, thanks for reading!
I'll have an outfit post up soon. Watch out! x
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