I can't be the only one who sees a potential outfit location and visualises how they want their blog photos to look. I feel that the location should complement the outfit in the way that it looks good but doesn't take too much attention away from the actual outfit. It would probably be better for my blood pressure if I used my tripod to take photos but my tripod isn't all that sturdy and the thought of using it outside in windy Wales scares me. Explaining to people how I want the photos to look and making them retake photos multiple times before they get it is stressful. I'm sounding a bit ungrateful but I'm actually really grateful when people help me out with photos. Thank you Chimsom, despite the hours of telling you "move back", "less floor, more surroundings", "your shadow should NOT be in the frame" etc, you finally got it. I admit it, I can be a bit controlling sometimes, sorry. I still had to straighten and crop most of them though, lol I know you're reading this.

Let's talk about this coat. Bargain of the year, £4 at British Red Cross. The sleeves and shoulders are slightly rumpled thanks to my backpacks. 
Despite the coat being very warm, it was an impulse buy that I did not need. I'd rarely worn it since I bought it so you know how the story goes. I sold it to a coursemate at uni who'd been nicely pestering me for it. I've been considering starting an online store similar to fellow blogger Maria's Miss Pigeon's Wardrobe. I find some really great items when I go thrift-shopping but don't buy them either because they don't fit, or they don't suit my style. It's still a thought for now.

Thrifted Coat | ASOS Shirt & Hat | Miss Selfridge Bodysuit | Urban Renewal (via Urban Outfitters) Trousers | H&M Tights | Nike Woven Slip-On Roshes | Cartier Sunglasses

This is the same pair of pants I wore in this post.
Funny story. Before Chimsom arrived at mine, I was dancing in my room. I dropped it down low to unleash my inner BeyoncĂ©. I ripped the rear of my pants. As you can see in the gif I linked, BeyoncĂ© was wearing a leotard not smart pants. I wasn't thinking. My mother would be proud to know that I stitched the rip up pretty nicely. I re-ripped it when I pulled this pose while posing for these photos. I'm always fooling around. Woe is me. 

Take care, guys. x

Photos by: Chimsom Taiwo. Directed & Edited by O.R.R.
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