New Look Blazer & Tights | OhMyLove Croptop | Zara Hat & Bag | Urban Outfitters 'Urban Renewal' Trousers | c/o Dr. Martens 'Teresa Boot' | Topshop Choker | ASOS Sunglasses

Here's my party outfit featuring Dr. Martens 'Teresa' boots. It's from their Refined range for women. I'd wear this to a house party or a casual dinner party. I'd take the sunnies off first, of course. You get me. I don't do heels so this is perfect for me. I love these shoes. If you're like me and don't fancy heels at all or just need a change, the Refined range is for you. If you're not like me, try their Heeled range.

Gotta love "man-repelling" pants. These are from the vintage urban renewal section of U.O.
I'm glad I found these on sale for £25 because I was about to spend £68 on American Apparel's Micro-Poly High-Waist Pleated Pant which have got a pretty similar cut. My mother is going to take one look at this post, shake her head and think to herself, "I don't know why this child never wears a belt". I need a belt though, I had to improvise the other day.

Make-up-wise, I've got on Clinique's Even Better concealer- over this huge dark spot I managed to give myself when I battled with a pimple I had next to my nose - & Clinique's Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Oil-Free Powder - which is perfect if like me, you've got a ridiculously oily T-zone. This is all I use on most days because I just don't have the strength for a full face of make-up.

Photo-heavy posts happen after I enjoy shooting an outfit and can't decide what pictures to use and what ones to drop. For the location, I went back to the spot in this post. I don't know why I forgot that it's currently autumn/winter. The pretty leaves were all gone. I had to improvise and use the surrounding area instead. Lucky for me it wasn't too cold on this day. I got Chimsom who's got a real interest in learning photography to help with these photos. Thumbs up to him . I'm still that much of a perfectionist that I adjust the settings first before handing the camera over. Then I shout out directions between poses. Sorry.

This is the part where I step out. Have a good day! x

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