Happy Holidays, to all you beautiful people.
How's it going for you? For me, the fact that I've got exams next month is dampening my mood. Sometimes, I really wonder if education is a must? All I want to do is alternate between sleeping and hugging the radiator in my bedroom.

I bought this hat when I had braids in and now that they're out and my hair is pulled back in a bun, it's a bit too loose but hey, I won't let that stop me from wearing it out.

I came so close to giving this post the title "Sherlock Pimp" because let's face it, I look like a cross between Sherlock Holmes and a cool big pimp daddy.
It is totally my style and I wouldn't dress any other way for anyone. All that matters is that I'm comfortable in what I'm wearing. 
I will admit though, with the new year just around the corner, I've been considering stepping out of my comfort zone a little more often. Challenge myself more and all that. I might invest in a pair of chunky block heeled shoes, who knows? Never pointy heeled shoes. No.

These are my oldest pair of docs. I got them ancient & pre-owned off eBay about three years ago. Every now and then, they need a glue job but they're holding up fine. Obviously, I need shoelace-tying lessons because the picture above is just sad. These aren't the original laces. oh no. Those ones gave up on me in October so I had them replaced.
I got used to paying for shopping bags over here in Wales so when I was handed one for free after shopping in Brighton's Dr. Martens store, I was confused for several moments. Personally, I believe that people should be asked to pay for bags. That way they will learn to re-use the bags they've got at home. Unless they're just wasteful and... I'll stop there. 
I had a good reason for getting a bag. I didn't have any on me seeing as I wasn't in my own town. Usually, there's always a spare bag or two in my backpack. I had just a small cross-body bag with me as I travelled light.

c/o Choies Coat | ASOS Shirt-dress & Sunglasses | Miss Selfridge Lace Bodysuit | Zara Studio Pants | H&M Hat | Dr. Martens Bag & '1460' Boots | Mr. Lacy Laces


This will probably be my last post for the year and for a while. Till exams are over. That's till the end of January. I will try to update next month but I'm not promising anything.

So in advance, I'll wish you all a Happy New Year!
What are your goals for 2015? Mine include being more eco-conscious, being resourceful and more hard-working. I'm getting too old to be lazy. I also plan on using little to no make-up. This means, I have to up my skin-care game and stop eating so much junk food because really, that's what makes me break out.

Photos by: Chimsom Taiwo. Directed & Edited by O.R.R.
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