American Apparel Bodysuit & Skirt | Zara Jacket, Bag & Shoes | Cheap Monday (via ASOS) Sunglasses | Topshop Choker  | H&M Scarf & Tights

Well, sort of. Remember this post? Return of the headscarf.

 I love this AA skirt. Scored it for £13.50 off a Depop seller and it's as good as new.
The only other new thing in this post is the way I've worn my bag. I'm not sure if it was meant to also be worn as a bumbag because of the adjustable strap but it clicked on the morning I shot this look that I could wear it as one.

I'm currently carrying out another wardrobe cleanse. I'll be donating the items to charity as listing them for sale on-line is a tedious task. I'm creating room for items that I'll wear more often.

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