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Meet one of my best thrift finds of the year. This coat I got from Swansea's British Red Cross charity store for just £6. Luck really.
I was only in the store to pass time while I waited for someone and you know the story from there. Saw it, couldn't leave without it.

I've got a thing for the colour grey and I've got a thing for men's clothes - read "oversized clothes". I pinched the shirt and the hat from a male acquaintance's wardrobe. They were grey, sorry I couldn't help myself. "Borrow-posing"? Definitely. 
They've been returned though and I've ordered myself a grey fedora from the ASOS site because I realised that I can not live without one. I kid. I can live without one. I just don't want to.

I love my new docs. What's not to love? They're black & velvet and I love black velvet. Unlike other docs I own, they did not need any breaking in at all. I scored them for £40 in Office's sale. Really, Dr. Martens needs to hire me or sponsor me for life - American Apparel too.

Shout out to Chiamaka for helping me out with these photos.

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