Coat - c/o Choies // Shirt & Shoes - Zara // Lace Bodysuit - Miss Selfridge // Choker - Topshop // Jeans - Vintage Versace via Rokit // Hat - H&M

Now you know why I almost always have sunglasses on. Puffy eyes. I used to have really bad dark circles as well but using raw extra virgin organic coconut oil got rid of them.
These photos were taken in a hurry right before a lecture. I checked the weather forecast and it was amazing so I made use of the oppurtunity.
I had to give a friend a mini-camera lesson beforehand though...

I need a blog photographer. Someone who actually knows what they are doing behind the camera. I don't like unnecessary spending but I would actually pay the person. I'd blog more often but anytime I think of taking pictures, I die a little on the inside because I am a bit of a perfectionist and people I know hardly ever get it right.

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