Bodysuit & Jacket - American Apparel // Culottes & Sunglasses - H&M // Boots - "1461" Dr. Martens //Backpack - gift from Deola

From ground level in Swansea's city centre, you can see a lot of houses on the surrounding hills. I've always wanted to walk to the top but seeing as everyone I know here is ridiculously lazy - sorry, I'm not sorry - and I didn't want to go alone, that never happened. Well, not until Afoma came. Last week Friday, Afoma, Dami and I walked to the top row of houses on Mayhill. The view from up there was wonderful and well worth the walk. I could've kept going but I guess not everyone is as energetic as I am. I'll take what I can get.
Afterwards, we had an early dinner at The Potter's Wheel. We all had the Fish & Chips meal deal because well you know, we're students and deals are sort of like our life. It wasn't bad.
Personally, I don't like eating out. Gosh, prices are ridiculous when I can cook myself an equally amazing meal or an even better meal for a fraction of the price. I've spent so much on not-so-healthy food since my friends came to visit. My best friend is currently asleep in my bed as I type this and you don't want to know what inside my fridge looks like at the moment. It looks like obesity, diabetes and endless gym sessions.

On to the outfit. I love this AA bodysuit but I must admit, it makes my err breasts look a lot lower than they really are. I should probably wear it with a bra in future. This crop top as well. They both rise up when I raise my hands, causing the fabric to push my breasts down. Not attractive.
Life would be a lot better if I was flat-chested.
Also,  Afoma and I have got the same backpack in different colours. They are originally from New Look if anyone's wondering

Photo Credit: Afoma Umesi, Dami Brown & Myself.


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