This post has been sitting in my drafts for a while now.
About a week ago - week ago - or more, a few friends and I decided to walk to Mumbles Beach. The plan was to get lunch first, then ice cream, then Mumbles but after the meal above. We. Could. Not. Move. We didn't even finish our burgers, we had to take our extras home.
Prior to this day, I didn't know there was a pub behind my department building on campus. If I did, I would have been a very fat kid. It makes no difference now to me because I am too determined to cut out crap food this university year.
My review? Everything was really good. The beef in the burgers didn't taste too fresh but for the price, it wasn't a bad meal. I recommend this pub to hungry students or passersby who are willing to part with a little extra cash.

What we had:
Starters & Sharers: Pulled Pork Nachos + Combo For Two
Main Meal: XXL Burger + Plain Chips/Cheese & Bacon Topped Chips/(not pictured)Cheese & BBQ Pulled Pork Chips
Dessert: Golden Syrup Sponge Pudding + Strawberry & Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae

You can view their full menu & prices here.

Address: Singleton Park, West Glamorgan, SA2 8PY
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