Blazer - Jeanette // Bodysuit - American Apparel // Jeans - Topshop // Slides - H&M //  Glasses - Borrowed //  Necklace - Mum's

Believe it or not, I was having a bad hair day but a cute guy in church told me he liked my hair so I'm not complaining.
What is so special about these Joni jeans? To be honest, I liked them when I tried them on in store - impulse buy - but now, after one wear out, I believe they're crap. The material is so thin and I feel like if I bend over, they're going to stretch and not return back to normal. Maybe some people like that but I don't. That's it, I have finally given up on finding the perfect pair of fitted high-waisted jeans. These days, all I want to wear are loose bottoms anyway.
In other news, I finally bought a pair of slides. These shoes are for lazy people, okay? I only bought them because every single pair of daily shoes I have involve laces and I don't like lacing up shoes. I needed something I could put my feet in and leave my room immediately. I also needed something that wasn't bright green. My house-mates keep telling me that I'm still single because I walk around town and go to uni wearing  bright green crocs on my feet.
I'm wearing them with socks for two reasons. (1) They rub against my little toes. (2) I always wear trainers and boots so yeah, my toes aren't cute.
Someone needs to drag me to a salon and make me pay for a pedicure, please.

Photo Credit: Deola Bamigboye

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