Kimono - Topshop // Bodysuit - American Apparel // Triangle Bra & Culottes - H&M // Bag & Shoes - Zara // Necklace - Mum's.

Isn't it annoying when you've got a few stray strands of hair - or clumps in my case - attempting to azonto away from the rest of your hair? 4C natural hair problems. I need to take better care of my hair, my last set of braids really thinned it out. No more tiny braids for me. No more keeping braids in for 3 months. I've learnt my lesson.
My mum was going to throw this necklace away. She wore it on her traditional wedding day years ago and claims that it's fading because the seller she got it from sold her a fake item and I was like "Nooooo Mummy". She didn't even want to throw it away, she gave it to my little sisters to play with. Can you just imagine that?! No love for her first daughter! Being the nice big sister that I am, the necklace disappeared from my sisters' playroom overnight.
In case you didn't notice, I'm wearing a triangle bra underneath this very transparent bodysuit. Worry not, for I did not pull a Rihanna.
Also, this is the same Zara messenger bag from my recent posts. I forgot to mention that it has got an adjustable hand/strap - which I think is really great.
Well, that's all folks. Have a great day. 

Photo Credit: Deola Bamigboye

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