Bodysuit - American Apparel // Shorts - Reworked Vintage Levi 501 Jeans // Jacket - Thrifted // Scarf - H&M // Necklace - Topshop // Shoes - Nike Air Force 1'Low

I get the world's best wedgies each time I wear these shorts but they're still my favourite pair.
I'm finally done with exams and I'm hoping to get back to normal posting as soon as I sort my hair out. I've got a scarf on my head at the moment because well, my hair is a mess.
This jacket? It's not the same one in my last outfit post. I got this one from a charity shop fo£3. Bargaaaaaaain! Perfect baggy fit with pockets. I keep finding new pockets everyday. I may or may not be over-exaggerating.
This collar necklace? A bit odd with this outfit but I like it. It's called "personal style" for a reason. I like denim on denim too. Because I'm a cool kid... just kidding.
Stay safe, guys.

Photo Credit: Deola Bamigboye

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