I've got quite a few reasons for the lack of posts on here.


1) My Wardrobe: is filled with clothes I do not want to wear any more. There is no colour palette just a lot of bright colours and prints which I feel don't match. I feel like they don't fit my personality any more or should I say "my style"? I mentioned in a previous post on here - which I'm not sure if I deleted or not - these days all I feel like wearing are black and grey with a few splashes of colour - e.g. my bright yellow vintage jeans, I'm not giving up any time soon.
There are too many clothes in there, I want just a few. Deciding what to wear would be a lot easier if I had just three shirts to wear. That's what I believe. I'm not saying I want to own only three shirts, that's too extreme. The past few month's, eBay has been my close friend. If you want to get clothes at a steal check out my page here. I'm constantly listing new items. Goodluck.

2) I Buy What I Don't Need Or Wear Often: I think impulse buying is almost every girl's problem. Tell me what I'm going do with all the little black dresses I've been buying? I've got no social life. My perfect Friday night involves food, music and a novel. No time to go out in the cold and consume bad calories a.k.a alcohol.
I'd love to say that I've stopped impulse buying but that's not true, rather I'll say I've reduced my amount of impulse buys by A LOT. It has been hard, I know.
So here I am with a lot of clothes bought on impulse that I can't wear because I've got nothing to wear them with - this usually triggers more buying, to complete the outfit - and all the clutter is blocking my creativity.

3) Can't Find Clothes I Like: I can't find clothes that say "Oroma Roxella Rukevwe". I can't explain it. This may be due to the fact that everyone's got the same damn clothes out here. Thanks to high street retailers and mass consumerism. This makes me cringe. It's okay having the same basics, I guess but yuck I hate it when I'm wearing the same clothes with someone else. I am definitely getting a sewing machine soon and then I am going to teach myself to sew my own clothes.

Out With The Old: Selling and donating to charity. Click the SHOP link in my sidebar, it links to my eBay.

Quality Not Quantity: I'm going to focus on improving the quality of the few items I will purchase for the rest of my life. I've started a purchases catalogue page where I will write down each accessory or clothing item I buy. My aim is to reach a stage where I buy one to zero items monthly. Check the page out here.


1) Broken: Carelessness on my part. I dropped my camera and broke the SD card door. A minor break and the camera was still usable but seeing the exposed SD card put me in a bad mood so I took it for repair late last month. It took forever but I received an estimate today. £60 for a new door, I almost fainted. I've paid and I'm hoping to get it back next week.

2) Picture Quality: I want clearer images on here, so I'm considering getting a new lens, a prime but after paying £60 to get my camera fixed I'm not so sure any more. I'm going way over my monthly spending budget. Sigh-sigh-sigh.


I want more than just outfit posts on here. These days, I'm really into clean eating, so maybe a few recipes I have tried and tested and maybe a few of my own? Still thinking about it. No beauty posts from me, I only just discovered the joys of make-up after I scarred my jaw trying to claw off a huge pimple I had.
Inspired by Jemimah, I'm going to make a blogging timetable which I will include in my next post.


I do not know what is wrong with Blogger but for the past few months I have not been able to make changes to my template or add CSS. This is frustrating me! Quite tempted to actually go out and make friends studying computer science, html coding and all that jargon so I don't have to pay for a new theme.

This is all for now.
I've got a disorganised way of talking in person and it shows in my essay writing. It's like my points are scattered, sometimes they don't flow, can't explain it. I skip from topic to topic without transitions. A bit erratic, unpredictable. If you did read all of this, I hope you understood.

See you whenever I post next.


  1. OOOH can't wait to see your recipes/meals!! :) i love lifestyle type posts too so if you're uninspired by your own wardrobe you could mix things up a bit and write about things other then fashion? i for one would be interested! that's what i do on my own blog! :)

  2. These are all so understandable and relatable to me right now, especially impulse buying!

  3. Hi ORR,

    I love that your blog is predominantly outfit posts, and hope that you don't completely branch out into more 'lifestyle' type posts and neglect the area that you're really good at. I see the sense in cutting back purchases and streamlining your wardrobe, and I applaud your decision. I am excited to see the looks you come up with in the near future.

    1. Of course not, I started out doing outfit posts and I'm going to stick to that.. Just with a bit of other posts in between. Thank you <3, I hope I don't disappoint. x

  4. Downsizing is not a bad thing, it makes you think about what fashion actually means to you :)


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