Blazer - River Island // Dress - H&M // Clutch - Republic // Ring - New Look // Shoes - Zara 

I've been too tired recently. I need to get my front braids redone but... I'm tired.
Just two more weeks till I'm done with work and then I can sleep all day and browse all night.
I have no social life, guys. My laptop, phone and camera are my best friends.
All hail the Internet!

I've developed a thing for light blue denim/chambray pieces. Which is why when I got contacted and was offered the chance to pick a dress from Warehouse, I chose this one. You can see the photo I took of it here. It was the first dress that caught my eye (the spots drew me to it) and these days, I've been wearing a lot of loose-fitting clothes so it was perfect. I can't wait to wear it, probably with trainers, creepers or 1461 boots. Too many possibilities.
 Check out the dresses section on the Warehouse site, I believe there's something there for everyone.

About the whole GFC / Google Reader shut down - (I'm one of those who believe GFC and Google Reader aren't connected and that GFC will live on but then I'm not Google so I can't be 100% sure) - you can follow me on any of the links I put below each post for updates on new blog posts or add me to your Google+ Circles here.
If GFC is really going bye-bye my bet is that Google intends to replace it with Google+ .

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